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No matter whether you own a classic Impala, a customized Corvette, your mother-in-law’s old Mercury, a lawn care rig or a white panel delivery van, finding a place to store an extra set of wheels can be a headache. Apartment living, downtown office space or a house packed with other stuff makes finding a convenient, inexpensive parking space in a safe, sheltered location difficult to find.
Instead of taking up any more space in your parking lot, garage, driveway or yard, consider adding extra space through self-storage. Various facilities offer better security and protection from the elements than your business property or home may provide.
Here are some tips for choosing and making good use of self-storage space:

Finding Self-Storage for Your Car, Van or Truck

  • If storing your car, truck or van outside, consider purchasing a cover. If the vehicle is unsightly, the facility manager may request that you keep it covered. Most facilities offer covers and other packing supplies for convenient purchase.
  • If you plan to frequently use stored vehicles, such as moving trucks, construction trucks or delivery vans, you may wish to choose a unit close to the facility entrance for easy in and out.
  • A good number of storage facilities offer different kinds of parking for your vehicle, allowing you to choose different security features, protection from the elements and price points:
    o Drive up garage space – moderate in cost, these spaces usually have a garage-style door inside a basic structure that provides protection from the elements and additional security
    o Drive up interior space – these spaces within a larger building are the most secure of the different options, and are at the higher end cost wise; most of these buildings have central air and heat, providing a climate-controlled environment that keeps the temperature in your unit between about 50 and 80 degrees
    o Outdoor space and covered outdoor space– these paved or gravel spaces are great for large vehicles, short term storage or property of lesser value; these options are most affordable, least protected from elements and have fewer security features than enclosed space
  • Consider the over all size of the vehicle or vehicles you wish to store, as well as any equipment or supplies. Be sure to measure the dimensions of the door of inside storage units -- some lawn care truck trailers, for example, may be too wide or tall.
  • Nearly all storage facilities rent on a month-to-month basis, this makes storing vehicles during the off-season or during extended periods of travel an excellent solution.
  • At Extra Storage, many of our classic and sports car owners put carpet down in an indoor space.

Most facilities have a few basic rules for vehicle storage:

  • Wheeled vehicles must be in drivable condition (they can’t be towed in and put on blocks)
  • Tires must be inflated and in good shape
  • Use of a storage unit as a workshop is prohibited, as the facility is not equipped for proper disposal of chemicals
  • Most vehicles must be registered and insured, and you must provide proof of each
    Facility managers are a wealth of information about getting the most out of self-storage – ask them any questions you may have about storing your car, truck or van.

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