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There is no question that virtually any kind of business enterprises can put self storage units to lucrative use. Brick-and-mortar businesses and online store owners alike need convenient, economical ways to store merchandise, equipment, advertising materials and supplies. More often than not, self-storage space will cost less per square foot as compared to the same space in your restaurant or store. In addition, it offers a more convenient means to stock up on inventory and even stay organized when storage space is very limited.
Each and every square foot associated with your retail space can generate revenue for your business… except in cases where it’s being used for storage. If loads of supplies, awkward fixtures, holiday ornaments, or rarely used signs that tends to be taking up much needed room in your store, shop or restaurant, self storage can be a cost-saving solution.
Consider these guidelines when planning to use self storage for your retail business:

Finding a Self-Storage Facility

  • Security at Extra Storage could possibly surpass precisely what you have in your office, store or restaurant. Keypad entry access, security cameras, perimeter fencing and not to mention the on-site management are common security measures in our facility.
  • Arranging for scheduled deliveries to be accepted by Extra Storage facility managers or staffs is definitely another cost-saving benefit to self storage. Usually the manager notifies you by telephone whenever a delivery has arrived, and you can pick up your packages within 24 hours.
  • In the event that you intend to keep items that are sensitive to extreme heat or cold, or plan to visit your unit regularly for lengthy periods of time, be sure to check if the facility offers climate- controlled space. This may cost a bit more, but ensures the temperature within your storage space stays within a more comfortable 50-80 degrees.
  • Your schedule may require access to your unit at unusual times such as early morning or late night. Talk with Extra Storage about typical keypad entry access times, or if necessary, special arrangements. Some facilities allow 24-hour access.
    Selecting a Self-Storage Units
  • The location of the unit within the facility can make a difference if you are loading and unloading heavy or awkward objects. A unit near on the ground floor, near an elevator or close to the entrance may cost a little more, but can save a lot of effort.
  • Estimate size based on long-term use (most people end up storing more for longer periods than they originally planned).
  • Drive-up or outside storage space is useful for parking delivery vans, lawn care trailers and equipment, and other business-related vehicles.
  • If you have multiple locations for your business, multiple, smaller storage units can be more convenient than one large unit. Some units may be used for longer-term storage, while others used primarily for inventory and delivery.
  • Storage of non-perishable items such as canned foods or wines is permitted, but perishable items can attract unwanted pests so storing them is generally prohibited.
  • Selling directly from a self-storage unit is typically not allowed.
    Extra Storage has a great resource for answers about how self-storage can help your business succeed.

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