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Medical Products

Medical companies are currently finding it more useful to look for storage space using corporate reserves for their sales agents, rather than the representative finding their own space.
Pharmaceutical sales associates utilize self-storage space as a “home base” for accepting deliveries as well as storing inventory. Having additional space to store drug samples, literature and promotional items close to their clients’ offices is crucial to enhancing their daily productivity.
When setting up a Lease Agreement with a self-storage facility, medical companies and their representatives will take the following into consideration:

  • Locality – mainly because it pertains to the distance to the sales location and is important in saving valuable work time while keeping the Medical Agents out in the field, face to face with clients
  • Temperature-controlled storage - is necessary in order to prevent damage to pharmaceutical drug samples from extreme heat and cold, maintaining the temperature within the unit between 50-80 degrees is often a necessity
  • Safety features – providing a safe environment for the sales agents includes state-of-the-art-security with video cameras, perimeter fencing, on-site management, keypad access along with other risk-prevention services
  • Surroundings & Accessibilities – facilities and units must be clean, well-lit and allow keypad access during the hours the pharmaceutical representative will be working; access to a hand held cart is essential to moving items from the storage unit to the car
  • Centralized billing – one monthly invoice with account details is widely recognized as more cost effective than each representative expensing the unit monthly and creating the extra corporate “paperwork”
  • Shipments – Pharmaceutical agents count on facility staff to accept and temporarily store packages while they are out selling to their clients. Once a package arrives and a facility staff member signs for it, then the representative is notified by phone, and will hold the package for 24 hours
    Storage facility managers become an important asset when establishing cost-saving services, such as package acceptance that support the needs of pharmaceutical representatives and their employers. Extra Storage assures proper handling of your deliveries.

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