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Using a self storage can be an important asset in securing and saving personal information, provided that certain measures are taken. When planning to archive business or personal documents in a self-storage unit, be sure to consider the following guidelines from Extra Storage:

Guide #1: Be sure that the security features offered at the self-storage facility are exceptional:

  • Although not usually considered a security feature, climate control is essential for protecting documents against extreme temperatures and humidity. Check to see if climate control or air conditioning is available at your facility
  • Facility manager lives on site or is on duty at the facility during hours you will be visiting your unit
  • Convenient operating hours when you or your employees can access the information
  • Keypad entry systems, security cameras, perimeter fencing and lighting should be in good condition

Guide #2: Store documents with security and safety in mind

  • Fill boxes, even if just with packing material – loosely packed materials can shift during transport and lifting
  • Packed boxes should weigh no more than 30-50 lbs. for safe lifting
  • Create multiple backups of all stored documents and keep them in a separate location
  • Consider using locked containers such as file cabinets or fire safes
  • Store all documentation on password-protected CD or DVD

Guide #3: Protect paper, videos, DVDs and CDs with suitable packaging

  • When packing data files, place binders in between groupings to lend sturdiness
  • Label boxes clearly and carefully with waterproof labels / markers
  • Use airtight packaging to prevent mildew or water damage
  • Consider anti-static packaging for videotapes, DVDs and CDs
  • Do not use newspaper, as the print can transfer
  • Raise boxes off the ground with pallets, wood, plastic or cardboard
  • Stack boxes with oldest information at the bottom in the back
  • Pack for longer than you plan to store – just in case

Extra Storage has an excellent resource for additional tips and assistance in protecting your important documents.

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